Silver Roses And Interesting Rose Facts

Published: 15th February 2011
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Silver roses are never made with sterling silver, despite popular belief. They're silver plated since sterling [silver] can only be used in making jewelry and household items because of its 925 millesimal fineness (a system in which the purity of silver is measured). For example, an alloy or compound which contains 75 percent gold would be denoted as "750."

In many places around the world, famous rose gardens can be found. From Australia to the United States, Canada and Europe, the beauty of the rose can be seen in all its glory in some of these stunning gardens.

In the Araluen Botanic Park, found in Victoria, Western Australia, an informal rose park was established there in 1929. In it, can be found many Tea, Chinas, and Alister Clark roses. In addition, there are also a number of rare roses such as Lorraine Lee and the climbing Contesse de labarthe.

The rose garden found at Castle Hex in Belgium was the recipient of the World Federation of Roses Garden Award in 1997. Surrounding the castle is a French-style garden which contains species of roses that have been collected from around the world. Some of these include old European roses from collections in Germany and France such as Adèl Courtoisé, De Schelfhout and Merveille des Rouges.

Bermuda boasts the Rose Society Repository Garden, which can be found by an 18th century house, first established in 1988. In it are about 85 different types of rose plants. The founder of the Heritage Rose Foundation, Dr. Charles Walker, was the one who suggested the garden be established and 2000, it was re-designed as part of the Society's Millennium project.

The largest green space in Copenhagen, Denmark, has in it a rose garden which can be found on the edge of Valby Park. It has in it an extraordinary collection of roses that are in many forms – hybrids, trees, and wild roses. Dog-walking is very popular in Valby Park as is playing in the children's playground. An annual rose show is held in the garden in August.

In France, in the Boise De Boulogne, Paris, can be found Odile Masquelier's Rose Garden, called La Bonne Maison. It is located at her home which which is found on a hill overlooking Lyon and the Saône River. With 830 types of roses, in 1988, this impressive private collection was turned into an Association for the protection and preservation of heritage and species roses. It has long been a mecca for rose experts but for the most part, is not very well know to the ordinary traveller in France. This garden is featured in Secret Gardens of France, by Mirable Osler and in the book Visions of Roses by Peter Beales.

You won't have to go very far to find silver roses; with just a few searches on the Internet, you will discover a whole host of sites catering to these hand-crafted creations. Silver roses are popular gifts throughout the year and for the discerning rose collector, they are a must have.

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